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Man, do I rule?

The Application

Name: Logan W. Greene
Age: 17
Location: Tucson
Sex: whoa-ho-ho, let's slow things down here... but I AM a male.

Questions bold sorry...

Who has influenced your life the most and why?_Jack Black, need I say more, he is the shit. That's why.
If you could meet any person alive or dead who would you meet?_Ed Wood, because Johnny Depp plays him really well in the movie Ed Wood.
Do you have any brothers or sisters?_yes, a sis
Have you ever been in love?_nah.
Do you look at porn? If no, why not?_yes.
Tell us one person you hate and why. Then pretend were them and tell us off:_This kid andy who is in a bunch of classes with me because he never never knows what the fuck he is talking about and he always says an answer as if he knows everything. Here's to you andy: JUST SAY YOU DON'T FUCKING KNOW!!! that's all.
Promote us somewhere and show the link:(optional)


Movies:_anchorman, kung pow, eddie and the cruisers, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
Bands/Artists:_Tenacious D, They Might Be Giants, Alkaline Trio, Presidents of the United States of America, The Dead Milkmen, Cake
Actors:_Jack Black
Actresses:_The chick from The 5th Element
Authors:_Kurt Vonnegut
Books:_Slaughterhosue 5, Villa Incognito, The Phantom Tollbooth
Color:_green(e)... yea...
Food:_lucky charms.
Drink:_the ocean
TV Show:_The Brak Show, Hello World, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021

Word Association

Hippy:_the thing that only eats hippies.
The 80's:_is what I love
Break Dance:_fix dance
Emo:_cheer up, you're a star!


"Goth" or gothic people:_i believe they exist
Abstinence:_that's what I tell myself when really I mean "i can't get any"
Ashlee Simpson:_better of 2 evils?
Plastic Surgery:_i thik we should start seeing other people.
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