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man, i bet you didnt expect me to come back.

The Application

Name: sam
Age: 15
Location: tucson az
Sex: m


Who has influenced your life the most and why? denis leary, cause he is an asshole.
If you could meet any person alive or dead who would you meet? denis leary
Do you have any brothers or sisters? yeah
Have you ever been in love? nah
Do you look at porn? If no, why not? everyday
Tell us one person you hate and why. Then pretend were them and tell us off: travis, you suck, and it would be funny if you died. haha, you cant see what im typeing cause im giving off the sence that im fucking insane talking to the computer scene about how much you suck.
Promote us somewhere and show the link: ill just tell friends to come or something.


Movies: toxic avenger, pulp fiction
Bands/Artists: dillinger four, hot water music, cleveland bound death sentence. thats all you need to know.
Actors: fuck actors
Actresses: fuck actresses
Authors: danzig....hes a writer somewhat. better than other mother fuckers.
Books: i really cant say :/
Color: green
Food: mother fucking goldfish
Drink: grape soda/beer
TV Show: show...period.

Word Association

Tortured: what
Hippy: fuck
The 80's: fuck yeah
Scrotom: the brat pack
Jack: the lad
Anarchy: haha
Break Dance: pop
Emo: every bad word possible in spanish


"Goth" or gothic people: get a job
Abstinence: if you want to, i dont give a damn.
Ashlee Simpson: get a job
Plastic Surgery: man, if you get that done, then you just have too much money, better off buying coke to loose weight.

pictures suck.
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