Dane aka: Mr. Brightside (love__my__pain) wrote in the_brat_pack,
Dane aka: Mr. Brightside

man do I rule

The Application

Age: 14
Sex: i'm a guy


Who has influenced your life the most and why? My ex-girlfriend, Starla. She was my first real love and then she hurt me so bad. BUT she thought me not to be scared to show how I feel about someone and that everyone deserves a 2nd chance.
If you could meet any person alive or dead who would you meet? Conor, from bright eyes. He's lyrics are amazing I wish I could write as well as him.
Do you have any brothers or sisters? Yep, a sister.
Have you ever been in love? Yep
Do you look at porn? If no, why not? well umm ::looks at the ceiling:: yes I do :/
Tell us one person you hate and why. Then pretend were them and tell us off: I hate//love Starla, my ex. Shes a cheated on me. ::sigh:: I would say, "You fucking two timing bitch, why didnt you care about me? huh? Why the hell would you do this to me? I thought I loved you, but I guess I must be stupid to love a hoe like you. Fuck you. Everything I said, every kiss, every hug, everything I take it all back, bitch.." I'm so nice.
Promote us somewhere and show the link:(optional)emo__beautys


.the butterfly effect
.dude, wheres my car

~hawthorne heights
~bright eyes
~The Early November
~death cab for cutie
~action action
~from first to last
~taking back sunday

--Freddy Prince JR.
--Adam Brody
--Bam margera (if he counts)

--Sandra Bullock
--Juila Roberts

--Kate DiCamello (cant spell it)

*harry potter 2

Color: green, black, red
Food: tacco, McDonalds (all fatening foods haha)
Drink: sunkist, Coke
TV Show:
`family guy
`viva la bam

Word Association

Tortured: abuse
Hippy: weed
The 80's: Axl Rose
Scrotom: yellow
Jack: sally
Anarchy: government
Break Dance:the funks so brother
Emo: love


"Goth" or gothic people: They seem to like me, but if they don't like you damn your in for it.
Abstinence: ::boo:: Its stupid
Ashlee Simpson: A loser and a want to be. And an ugly slut.
Plastic Surgery: Ow. That would hurt. Its pertty stupid. Just for those really annoying people that are rich and jealious so the need bigger boobs.

It would be pimp if you could include a picture\

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